Continuum GRC Sponsors America's SBDC to Help SMBs Address Cyber Risks

FedRAMP Audit Software Modules & Services from Continuum GRC

Consultants associated with the SBA-supported America's Small Businesses Development Centers (America's SBDC) program will have access to ITAM, Continuum GRC's top-ranked audit and assessment solution.

Continuum GRC, a leader in the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) space, is pleased to announce its partnership with the America’s Small Business Development Centers (America’s SBDC) to help small and mid-sized businesses in the U.S. protect themselves from cyberattacks by making its Continuum GRC ITAM, the top-ranked GRC audit and assessment software solution, available to them.

While undergoing IT audits and assessments, organizations often store documents containing confidential business data (CBI), such as cybersecurity gap reports, security plans and plan of action milestones, on the very systems they are working to secure. ITAM solves this problem by providing both a safe platform on which to perform assessments and a highly secure, centralized repository in which to store these documents and shield them from unauthorized access.

“Small businesses have limited capability, capacity and awareness to properly protect CBI belonging to their own companies and others in their business ecosystem,” said Michael Peters, CEO of Continuum GRC. “Having access to ITAM will empower them to protect CBI associated with these audits and risk assessments. They’ll also greatly reduce the time, hassle and complexity of their IT audits and assessments and gain full visibility into their key risk indicators, assessment results and compliance initiatives.”

Since consultants will be assessing critical members of the nation’s supply chain and contractors associated with critical infrastructure, including government systems, must use a FedRAMP High assessment tool. America’s SBDC enlisted the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) to sponsor a FedRAMP assessment of ITAM, and the solution is now FedRAMP High ready. Additionally, since the SBDC and ITAM utilize the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, information from the basic assessment will seamlessly auto-map using the patent-pending cascade technology into other standards, such as DFARS 800-171, 800-53, HIPAA, CJIS, PCI DSS and many others.

Consultants associated with the SBA-supported America’s SBDC program will have access to ITAM. Access to the information within the assessments associated with this program will be controlled by the organization being assessed and, if permission is provided by the organization, the SBDCs or other third-party assessment organizations.

Source: Continuum GRC