MLR Solutions Retains Lazarus Alliance Again for PCI DSS Audit and Cybervisor Virtual CISO Services

PCI DSS QSA Services from Lazarus Alliance

Lazarus Alliance performed MLR Solutions' PCI DSS audit again and continues to provide the company with Cybervisor® virtual CISO services on an ongoing basis.

MLR Solutions, a leading provider of healthcare, education, and commercial accounts receivable management and collections services, has retained Lazarus Alliance, a top-rated cybersecurity, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) firm, again for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance services, internal security policy development, and Cybervisor® virtual CISO services.

Lazarus Alliance is a PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company, qualified by the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) to validate organizations’ compliance with the PCI DSS audit standard. All businesses that accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information are required to comply with PCI DSS. The standard applies to debt collection agencies because they accept credit cards from debtors as a form of payment, and their case files contain an abundance of personal identifying information on individual debtors, including credit card information.

“Collection firms have special compliance and security needs because they collect and store highly detailed information on debtors, including birth dates, marriage and divorce information, address and employment history, and even lists of known relatives and associates,” said Michael Peters, CEO of Lazarus Alliance. “They are very attractive targets for hackers. To ensure that their controls are evaluated thoroughly and properly, it’s important that they partner with a QSA with experience in the debt recovery industry.”

To perform MLR Solutions’ PCI DSS audit and develop internal cybersecurity policies, Lazarus Alliance used Continuum GRC’s IT Audit Machine (ITAM), an advanced, highly automated SaaS GRC solution for enterprise governance, risk, and compliance work.

“All our clients love Continuum GRC because it allows us to complete their audits quickly and smoothly, and it makes it a lot easier to maintain compliance and data security between audits,” Peters noted.

Lazarus Alliance is also providing MLR Solutions with virtual CISO services through its Cybervisors® cybersecurity representation service, which enables organizations of all sizes to retain technology security executive services and subject experts the same way they would an attorney or an accountant.

“Lazarus Alliance developed our Cybervisors® service because we believe that all companies need and deserve access to world-class cybersecurity and compliance experts, not just companies that can afford to hire a full-time CISO in-house,” Peters explained. “Additionally, the cybersecurity skills shortage has reached epidemic proportions. Even companies that can afford to hire a CISO have a really hard time finding qualified applicants. The Lazarus Alliance Cybervisors® help fill that gap. We provide companies with immediate access to the security and compliance expertise they need.”

Source: Lazarus Alliance